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Hello friends, welcome to Aalsi Bachelor. On this blog, we will help you to get important information about Pune University, Mumbai University, and many other universities every day and try to ensure that every information related to education and college is beneficial for you and you can stay updated.

Important information about colleges and college exams and schools is given on this blog. Mainly college updates, reviews, Opinion and other information are shared keeping in mind the interest of the students.

Like we told that every day there are all the important things at the college level, we try to share on this blog. However, if you want to know about something and this knowledge is not available on our blog, then you can ask us via email. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Aim of Aalsi Bachelor is that all the updates of college and university to the students can be easily accessed by the blog so that the students are not confused regarding university Query. You will get information on this blog on the topics given below.

  1. Schools & College
  2. Pune University (SPPU) News
  3. SPPU Important Updates
  4. Opinion Regarding Query
  5. Mumbai University (MSBTE) News
  6. Exam News
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About Founder / Author

Rohan Kale is the Founder & Author of Aalsi Bachelor. He is a Bachelor’s in Computer Application. He is currently completing his Bachelor’s degree from a private college in Pune.

He loves to do Blogging related to technology, Educational, & YouTube. He is also proficient in Video Editing and Video Making.

If you have any information or suggestions related to this blog, you can email directly.

Email– Aalsibachelorofficial@gmail.com

" It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to
 heed the lessons of Failure"
                                                                 "Bill Gates"
                                                          Co-Founder- Microsoft