SPPU Exam Pattern: How Will The Papers Be Submitted? How To Solve MCQ? What If You Copied


How will be the SPPU final year exam? Many students are now new to this exam. Now a new question has come up in the exam that there will be MCQs of 50 marks, there will be 20 marks of descriptive questions. Now students also have the question that we have to give answers to the question of 20 marks Descriptive in front of the camera and how will we have to upload these papers?

After this, the question also comes whether we have to use the laptop or the smartphone in the exam. If there is a processed method, how will it have technical problems?

How Exam Wil Conduct? No Chance To Copy

Now here we can tell you that your exams are going to be from MCQ and Descriptive Method. In this exam, the processed method will be used in a more confidential way than before. In this session, students will have to face more difficult methods than before. Every 30 seconds your camera will be advanced visually. If you do any trick, then this copy will be considered a case.

How To Upload Discriptive Papers?

In this session exam, you will have to write and upload the descriptive method of the exam. You have to do 4 parts on an A4 size paper. Now, you do not have to write the answer to the question very deep here. Only the answer to the lines you have to write on the paper and upload it.

Now on this issue, news comes from Pune University that you must have good smartphones. Because there is no problem while uploading the sheet. Here your sheet will be converted into a QR code and it will be seen through the software near the university.

There are no guidelines for laptop/computer users. Of how their transcriptive papers will be uploaded. If any update comes on this subject, we will let you know through this blog.


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