MahaDBT Voucher Redeem Option Not Showing, Grievance For Scholarship


Many students are getting these doubts that they are getting failed while doing MahaDBT Voucher Process Redeem rather they have been approved for the application.

You all know that on clicking the Redeem button for MahaDBT Scholarship, the benefits are received in their bank account. But what if the voucher redeems fails as soon as you click on the Redeem button.

In this case, the scholarship amount or benefits completely depend on scholarship schemes and departments for where they are applying.

Redeem Option Not Showing!

In this case, if you have received mail from MahaDBT that your scheme benefits are ready and redeem your voucher for disbursement. But the redeem button is not showing. So there’s no need to panic.

Dear “Applicant Name” Congratulation Your DBT Scheme benefits are ready for disbursement. Please log in to DBT Portal and click the redeem button for disbursement of the benefits.

There can also be technical problems here. Or it could be the algorithm itself. In this case, your benefits will be transferred to your bank account within 1 week. Or if it does not happen then you can also give grievances for it.

If an applicant is not seeing this button, then he should himself ask whether the scholarship has been approved by the department and institute or not.

Now further check whether your voucher has not been redeemed by your college and institute. If this is done by them then soon the benefits will be received in your account.

What Is Status Under DDO?

Under DDO Status Means Application of MahaDBT Form is pending clerk/ principal level in college level.

Request to the principal/ clerk to approved the application ASAP. That helps you to clear the next future important steps quickly.

How To Fill Grievance/ Suggestions For It?

Applicants can call 022-49150800 MahaDBT helpline and can also apply for a grievance online.

For this, you can also fill the grievance form.


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