MSBTE: What If Not Able To Give Exam? Even Term Important Update


Exams have started online now. Every day 22 to 26 thousand students are giving the second-semester exam at the same time. Now there should not be any delay for the next education admission or job for the students, so the university has already made its solution.

As you all know, there is no delay in the exam result due to the online MCQ exam.

Recently the online exam result of Law and B.AE has been revealed on Monday By MSBTE. In this, 98% of students’ exams are going well, this claim has been made by Mumbai University.

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MSBTE: What If Not Able To Give Exam?

In this, if the exam link is not open or if the network is not available or, due to accident of the vehicle, due to illness, if the student is unable to give the exam, then SPPU will give such students a chance to give the exam again.

Kulguru Dr.Mrunalini Fadnavis, Pra Kulgruru Dr. Debendranath Mishra, Kulsachiv Dr.Vikas Ghute, and exam controller Dr. Vikas Kadam, their coordination committee is going to make decisions on the arrangements for Re-Exam of students.

If you have not given the summer semester exam then you will have to issue a letter in your college that letter will go to university and if a grievance is valid then you will be appointed for ReExam.


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