SPPU: Online Exam To Be Held In April


Pune University (SPPU) will conduct its first term examination in April 2021. SPPU University has appointed a new agency to conduct online exams. This process will be taken by the new agency as soon as possible and it will complete its preparation in 10 days. But during this time the examinations will be postponed for 15 days.

You all know that SPPU had ordered online examinations from March 15 at the earliest. But the agency which was entrusted with the task of planning the online examination failed to do the work in time. Therefore, this work has been done by the university in the hands of the new agency.

Councilmember Rajesh Pandey has said that now the previous agency cannot continue the work further. By the rules, the new agency will complete this work within 10 days and only after that we will be able to give the dates of the exam in due course.


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