SPPU: 50/50 Out Of Marks? Can Re-Exam Will Be Taken?


Those who have got 50 marks will also have to face an oral examination from the university. One such rumor, Fake News has recently become quite viral on social media.

Out Of Marks? Can Re-exam Done With Oral Examination?

Some person here has thrown a fake circular. This circular has totally edited and some misinformation has been attempted to divert the attention of the students and intimidate them.

This Circular has not been issued by the University. You should not promote any such misinformation. First, check and then forward.

Such gossip is held on social media every day to distract the attention of the students. SPPU’s Winter Semester Examination is going on, in this exam, lakhs of students are giving exams.

Copy cases have also been done in this exam. The copyists are going to take strong action on behalf of the university. Recently, more than 100+ students were caught while copying from the university. This viral news also went viral after this action.

Fake Cicular Is Here


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