Pune Colleges Ready to Open From 11th Oct, SPPU Circular to Open Colleges


When the colleges of Pune University are going to start, it had become a big question for us. Now a big update is coming out regarding this, SPPU colleges are ready to start from 11th October.

Pune’s mayor Muralidhar Mohol has informed all of us in a tweet on Twitter that it will be started on the coming Monday 11th October. Regarding this, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Ajit Dada Pawar also gave an update that all the talukas in Pune including Pimpri and Chinchwad will also start colleges from the 11th of October.

Students Criteria To Attend Class

For this, a criterion has also been given to the students that they will have to take 2 complete doses of covid vaccine to present college. if the student has completed only 1 dose, then he will have to prove by RTPCR test that he is Covid negative.

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The second important thing is that students who come from outside the city to study in university colleges will also have to report the RTPCR test before he/she allowed to inside the campus area.

Its special team in the college area will be provided for the students so that by intensifying the vaccination as soon as possible, the colleges will be free to work all over.

Apart from this, Bars, Hotels, and Restaurants have also been given permission to be allowed till 11 PM at dine-in.

Hotels, bars, and restaurants have also been allowed to do dine-in till 11 Pm. Famous tourist spots will also start from Monday. In this, another surprise has been added to the offices to function with 100% capacity.

When SPPU Will Reopen Colleges?

Savitribai Phule Pune University will also issue a notice regarding this soon. All the information and guidelines will be given to the students by the colleges. Students have to follow this very well.

SPPU will send notices to colleges step by step and one by one all colleges will promote offline classes within 1 week after 11 Oct. Tell that if any circular related to this is issued, then you will get to see its information on the blog immediately.


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