Minister for Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant had recently said universities can conduct exams online as well as offline as per the COVID-19-related situation in their respective areas.

Colleges in Maharashtra have come in offline mode but till now the suspense remains on whether the exams are going to be online or offline. Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) has also not decided this yet.

Recently Uday Samant has broken up the silence on this and said that “now there is no need for online classes. Looking at the situation, now we will move towards offline. Depending on the situation in some places, online classes and exams can be taken. But now students should be ready to come to college”.

He said that now we ourselves want to hear from the students that “we are ready for offline classes. We will complete both vaccination doses. We have to be ready for offline exams”.

Higher Education Minister Uday Samant said this while addressing a nominated college in Mumbai. This means that now the government is also Signal Green to offline classes. The situation of covid is now slowly decreasing in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra government is going to release a special scheme for the Covid vaccination for college students so that the vaccination is at its advanced stage limit.