Pune University May Hold Final Year Exam in June 2021


Pune University May Hold Final Year Exam in June 2021

After the regular winter semester exam, now Pune University decided to conduct the final year students exam soon.

SPPU is now going to take the final year students exam in June 2019. For this, students will now have to prepare for this from next month.

This decision was taken recently. The higher education minister Uday Samant had conducted an online meeting with Vice-Chancellor.

This decision has been taken in this meeting. Because students should not be late for higher educational opportunities.

You have to fill the exam form after June 10

After June 10, students will be able to apply for the online application for their exam. The results for the examination will be declared by July end while by August 15 all the results will be out

These exams can be taken from mid-June to the 15th of June. Exams are going to be online only. But the mistakes you have made this time, you do not have to repeat the mistakes again.

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Do Not Repeat This Mistakes

  • Don’t take a screenshot

SPPU has recently caught more than 100 students red-handed who were illegally using screenshots from their mobile camera or, inbuilt feature, during a student exam.

So you should not make this kind of mistake in the upcoming semester so that your exam term will be safe.

  • Stay away from pen mobiles and accessories

Students cannot bring mobile and other technical things in front of the camera during the exam. It will take like cheating in exams.

In the winter semester exam, some students got a pop-up message. In which Warnings was also coming.

  • Don’t Made This Mistake In Front Of Camera

Students are often caught when making the mistake that the System does not see a similar picture when the camera Clicked a Verified image of the student.

If this happens again and again, your exam can be checked by proctoring method.


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