SPPU: All About Grievances, How To Check Score?


Today we are going to talk about these 3 things, technical issues, upcoming score, and grievances form. You all know that online examinations of Pune University are going on and during online exams, issues are now coming to the fore.

New Issues Are Came

Now the university is trying to solve the issues as soon as possible and trying to create a better environment. But recently, students were facing different technical issues in the exam students were giving.

Now the question for which question was required the diagram was not visible in the software. Now if the diagram is not visible, then the question of question cannot be answered.

Apart from this, the number of attempt questions was also seen as zero for most students. Now what to do in this case?

How To Give Grievances?

Students’ scores will be displayed within 48 hours. First of all, see what your score is coming. Within this time you have to give your grievances. Apart from this, can you ask them other question as well.

Now also the issue is coming up how to see the score. You can see this in the Student Profile System (SPS). You just have to log in by putting the PRN number in it.

Apart from this, if you have any questions, then you can comment and ask.


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