Pune University: Hardly To Get Question Bank from SPPU, Here Are Details


The question bank in the minds of many students is that the University of Pune, which was to prepare the question bank for us, is it going to be available to us or not. The professors who were asked by Pune University to take out the question bank are not ready yet.

Now out of 5 thousand 700 subjects, these question banks are going to be extracted. Now the professors are going to get 12 rupees for a question. Only 60% of these questions have been removed and 40% of the questions have not been removed yet. This simply means that complete preparations have not been done from the university yet.

Now according to the questions of the students, we can hardly get this question bank. But according to the way the work of the university is going on, we do not think that we are going to get the question bank.

Now the students have not started your studies yet, due to this reason, we have not got Question Bank yet, so it is your big mistake.


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