Pune University: Wil There Be a Big Change in The Academic Year?


Today we are going to tell you our thoughts about Pune University. Is there anything new that we can get to see in the academy year of Pune University and can we see changes in it? We will talk about this today.

First of all, the work of taking out the questions bank, like the professors who were given, has not been done yet, either they are going to be delayed. The new agency, which has been given the job of online examination, is still running their meetings. Because of which it will take time for the online examination to come timetable.

Will there be major upsets in the academic year?

Now this news is not coming from the official university. Even now it seems that April will start from the second week for online examinations from the university.

Now the subjects of the backlog examination take more than 1 month from the university, then in how many days the examination of the regular subject will be completed by the university? We are saying this because regular subjects are too many.

Accordingly, the entire April and May months will be put for our Winter Examination. When the regular bean exams are over, then students will also have to be prepared for the practical exams of both the beans. After this exam will be taken for Even Sem and it is worth noting that this will be decided by the university.

In many ways, the college has now shown speed in teaching online. Most of the students are having difficulty in reading the online subjects. Now, if you are going to take the second, fourth or sixth session of offline examination from the university, then according to the education calendar, it is going to be very difficult.

Now during this time, students have to make a timetable how to handle the study and how much time is to be given to other things.

Now when the official circular comes from the university, then we will know when the mock test will take place? After this, when will the exam be done, when will the results be started. We will keep you updated about this through our blog.


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