SPPU ‘Combined Passing’ Marks Criteria, All Possible Combinations Here for Passing


SPPU ‘Combined Passing’ Marks Criteria, All Possible Combinations for Passing

PUNE: Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) recently declared that the combined passing demand would be considered for the summer sessional exams. The combined passing formula is valid only for the ongoing semester examination. Now, students’ exam marks are to be considered together.

SPPU Combine Passing: Pune University approved the combined passing demand of the students. Some students are not aware of these rules. They are still asking questions about this decision. Today we have brought possible scenarios for the students of Pune University. You can see the passing marks criteria and some possible scenarios below.

Suppose You have a paper that has a theory of 70 marks & practical oral of 30 marks. Now in the theory paper, you got 12 Marks (Which means you failed the theory examination) & 28 marks in practical & oral then as per the combined passing rule you will be considered a pass because out of 100 you got 40 Marks. So, You get 40% of combining marks in both your papers.

All Possible Combinations for Passing

The most important rule for Combine Passing’ of Pune University is that students must appear in Insem and Endsem Examination, if it is not there then you are not eligible for Combine Passing Rule. This rule will not be applicable to copy case students also, it has been told by the university.

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The individual passing the exam is so difficult. But now, if we score low in one exam, we can do well for the next exam & pass as overall we need a passing mark of 40 only. Hence, even if we score 5 in insem exam, we can score 35 in the endsem exam & pass the exam & get a passing grade. Himanshu Sahu, A final year enggineering. student said.


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    आणि आमचा पेपर ८० मार्क चा आहे व Extarnal चे २० मार्क आहेत तर . आमचा पास होण्याचा अंदाज कसा असेल


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