SPPU: How University Will Take Practical Exam of Pune University?


Pune University has recently told the official about the regular semester exam to be held in April and now SPPU will have a regular semester exam from April 10. But still, these questions are coming in the mind of the students that if we give the online exam then where can I give it? Do students have to give exams from home or come to college?

But here, there are also talks about the practical of students, how the practical examination will happen and when it is going to happen. In Pune, the University of Pune has decided to conduct practical exams online as well. SPPU has said that now practical exams of both the semesters will now be taken at the end of the year. After the completion of both semesters, practical exams of both semesters will be taken.

Now whatever your mini projects and viva exam are, thus you will be given marks in view of the performance of all of them.


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