SPPU Exam 2021: How To Check Score & Submit Grievances! Important Instructions


Pune University Exams have started recently and they are going to continues till August 15. There are 2 such points in this which students need to attend carefully. The first is how to check the score and the most important how to give grievances?

How To Check Score?

First comes the score. So by visiting this link in Piexamresult.unipune.ac.in you will see some such screen on your device.

On this landing page, you have to enter your PRN number and once you have solved the given below CAPTCHA then you have to click on search.

After this, on the next landing page, you will get some instructions. You will see the same instructions in the exam of the first term exam. There are no changes in it.

After 48 hours of the subjects for which you have given the exam, your scores will start displaying here. The SPPU has said that it can sometimes be displayed early and sometimes too late. But ideally, it displayed within 48 hours.

This is a basic procedure to check your exam result/score here.

How To Submit Grievanvces

The second most important issue is how do we give grievances. This time some changes have also been done by the university.

First of all https://sim.unipune.ac.in/sim_app/Login/Login login Your SPS account on this link. Here you have to fill in your log-in ID and Password as well as a captcha. After this, you will see some such screens.

Now here you will see a new thing. Register online exam grievances. Now you have to submit your grievances here. You will have to give grievances 24 hours after you give your paper and 48 hours before your score is displayed.

Now after clicking on the option of a particular subject, you will see the option of select grievances. After clicking on the submit option, your grievance will be submitted.



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