SPPU Exam 2022: How To Pay Exam Form Fee Online, Here Is Guide


SPPU Exam 2022: How To Pay Exam Form Fee Online, Here Is Guide

As you all know. SPPU (Savitribai Phule Pune University) exams are going to be held on June 21. Now Pune University had rolled out the online exam form for this exam from 15th May.

This time after filling the exam form, students do not need to go to college or bank to pay the exam form fees. This time SPPU has made it online. SPPU has given permission to the colleges to pay the fees of the students through the payment gateway.

How to Pay Exam Form Fee?

First of all, students have to fill out their online exam form from the official website of SPPU. After filling the form, this form of students will be inward by respective College. It may also take 2 days. Once this process is done you will be notified by message.

After this, you have to log in to your Student Profile System (SPS). Now you have to click on the exam form. You will get the option of online payments on the form dashboard.

Here SPPU has given a clear message on its website that students who will not pay the full college fees will not be allowed to seat in the exam and the same is being told to us by our colleges.

Read This Also

SPPU has also provided a User Manual PDF for Manual Inward. With the help of this, you can inward the exam form as soon as possible. I am giving the link to PDF here, you will be able to access it directly with the help of the link.

SPPU Website : Unipune.ac.in

Exam Form Link: https://examform.unipune.ac.in/

SPPU Exam Form Student Login: https://sim.unipune.ac.in/SIM_APP/

Students Profile System Log in: https://sps.unipune.ac.in/

Exam Form Inward by Online Payment User Manual: Click To View PDF

Inward Exam Form Here: Click To Inward Application

Examination Fees For Non-Professional & Professional Courses: Examination Form Fees



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