SPPU Exam 2021: Top 5 Important Issues Raise By Students, Here Is Details


SPPU Exam 2021: The odd semester exam almost ends and the preparation for the examination of the even semester is on by the university.

The first issue is that due to Coronavirus, the economic status of many more people has deteriorated, so a committee was elected by the university for this so that college fees should be reduced for this reason.

Now whether this committee surveyed or not, whether the report was sent to the SPPU’s Vice-Chancellor or not, discussions are on.

Sppu exam 2021

Now if the tuition fees have been taken, no one but development reduces the fees, the students are saying the same. Now the help of colleges is to be taken to inward the examination form of even semester. At the same time, the university says to pay the full fees, then we will let you sit for the exam. This is a very big compulsion on students who have been placed by the university.

Now the second biggest issue is that of syllabus. The exams of the even semester are going to start step by step from June 15, this is being told by the university. Clarification of how much syllabus has been done for this semester should have been given by the university.

3. Grievances

The biggest issue is Grievances. The SMS for grievances given by the students off odd semester has not been reached yet. Now a four-team was set up for this, The subject is which Grievances Valid? If its work has been sorted so far, then soon students will receive SMS for grievances.

4. Remark Of Unfair Marks

Many students have received the Remark of Unfair Marks. So now such students have to ask whether our subject backlog will be confirmed or not? Now when will be the examination of these students or will they be asked to come and vote in the university or not? Now some more clarification by the university should come for the Unfair Marks Remark.

5. External Students

Many circulars are published by the university whose dependencies are above the colleges. In this case, what should be done by external students is a big question. Now when will their forms come out? What will be the exam process? How will the exam be? If the issue comes in the exam, how do pass it?

For this, it is necessary to raise a team by the university because the external students have been worried.


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