SPPU Exam Copy Case: Those who Copying in the exam will have to face jail


Pune 23 Feb 2022: Savitribai Phule Pune University Online exams have started. Due to Corona, this time also the exams are being taken in online mode. Classes are going on in online mode. For this reason, it has been decided to take the exams online as well. But SPPU Exam copy case are increasing a lot in online exams.

sppu exam copy case

Now big action is going to be taken against those who copy in online exams. Those who copy in SPPU online exams can get jailed. Those who copy in the exam can be charged with criminal offenses. This signal has been given to all the more than 6 lakh students of SPPU. IT ACT FIR case will be registered if found by copying.

In the last two years also many students of Sppu were caught copying. Therefore, a call has been issued by Pune University to the students not to do any abusiveness in the online exams. This time strict rules have been prepared for the exams.

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This time the student can be charged for a tough crime. Strict action can also be taken against the students. Therefore, students should not do cheat, such a call has been issued by Pune University.


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