SPPU Exam Passing Marks Criteria/ Conversion Explain, Grace Marks?


Savitibai First Pune University(SPPU) Exams are started and we will see in this article what is the passing marks criteria of the exam / will you get grace marks or not? Next, we will also discuss Marks Conversion in this article.

SPPU Passing Criteria

Minimum Marks 20 Out Of 50 – Pass

Minimum Marks 28 Out Of 70 – Pass

Suppose a Student A student Got 50 Marks Into 70

50×1.4= 70 marks

45×1.4= 63 marks

49×1.4= 68.6 marks

40×1.4= 56 marks

20×1.4= 28 marks

Grace Marks Only On Thease Matters

Let’s assume that a student has got 18 marks, then after conversion, it is getting 25.2 marks. Grace marks can be added in such situations.

18×1.4= 25.2 marks (grace marks +3)

10×1.4= 14 marks (no grace marks)

You can also do this from your mobile calculation app and get your grace marks.


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