SPPU Exams 2022: No Clarity on Paper Pattern by Varsity, Question Bank irony, Say Students

SPPU Exams 2022: No Clarity on Paper Pattern by Varsity, Question Bank irony, Say Students

Pune: Pune University (SPPU) Summer Semester Examination started on June 20th. Most of the students raise complaints against paper patterns & question banks provided by the university. Most of the sources on Monday & Tuesday are complaints from students.

SPPU Exams 2022: The students union and some of the Vidyarthi Parishad met the exam director Mahesh Kakde before the exams. Kakde said that the exam question banks are going to be available to all the batches. Some of the questions bank were uploaded before the exam. Out of that, hardly 12 to 15 questions came from the subjects. Some of these subjects’ questions bank has not come.

Now on 20th June, there was the first paper of Pune University. In the exam questions were asked from the question bank or not? We did a survey and it was shown that students of some branches had hardly 1 or 2 questions in the exam. But some branches where almost 50% of questions were asked from the question bank.

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Now Pune University can’t bring equivalency in the exam so as a reference if you don’t guide the students then why didn’t you keep the same pattern for all the students in the exam? If the question bank was for a reference, what was the problem for you in passing the question to the students from the question bank?

The exam department of Pune University has told that they were conducting papers in 2019 pattern mode. Meanwhile, Pune University did not guide the students properly for the Summer Semester Exams, it is their fault. In the paper pattern of summer exams, Pune University did not inform the students earlier. The Examination Department and Concern Authority also did not give any information about this.

If the scores of the students will be down in the exam, then ultimately the rank of Pune University may also go down.


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