SPPU Exams: Question Bank of No Help, Say Students


SPPU Exams: Question Bank of No Help, Say Students

Pune: The Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) Summer Exams are On-Going from June 20th. Most of the sources on Monday are a few complaints from students. The question Bank doesn’t help him on the exam. The exams will be held in an offline pattern.

The SPPU Summer Exams 2022 is started on Monday, June 20. All the papers are being conducted under the traditional long answers pattern. The Exams of the remaining students are ongoing till July Month.

Pune University conducted exams through the online MCQ method from the covid beginning. Many students of University are likely to give offline exams first time since covid. 70% syllabus is taught online, students were told that the difficulty level was the first paper slightly up this time. That’s why Some students are facing problems in giving exams.

Most affiliated colleges from various cities like Nashik, and Ahmednagar students complain about not receiving a single question from the Question Bank provided by Pune University.

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We all know this is only a collection of model questions. Pune University has not said that most of the questions from the question bank are going to appear in the exams. Hence, no guarantee that the question Bank provided by the sppu questions would come in the exam paper or not. So students are advised to do a proper study with proper guidance as well. 


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  1. SPPU is hungry for money from backlogs and thus scammed students. I’m final year student and relied on question bank, ended up failing in 1st exam itself now. 🤬 bloody scammers. why the fck they gave us the question bank at first then. We might have studied something else instead.


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