SPPU Important Updates Regarding Re-Exam


Re-exam of SPPU (Savitribai Phule Pune University), there are such many doubts who are being asked by students on social media.

Now by April 30, all the students had filled the grievance forms. Now the grievances of 14 thousand students had reached the Pune University. Four separate teams were assigned by the university for this.

It was checked by them that these grievances are fake or how much truth is there in them.

sppu re exam

5 Thousand Grievances Rejected

Now the grievances of 9 thousand students are going to be taken by the university and 5 thousand of these cases are such that there was no merit, even if they were filled by students.

You remember that we had told you that if there is some problem, then only you give grievances.

Now, which students have not been logged in the category of grievances.
For students whose papers are submitted automatically, cases like these have been considered.

Re-Exams held After May 10

Now, SPPU exam controller Mahesh kakde sir has said that such students are being considered for the exam whose technical issues were coming up during the exam. But sir said that now we are giving this last chance. Now if technical issues come again in this exam, then you cannot have an exam chance again.

Mahesh Kakde sir said that now these exams will be re-schedule after May 10. But the student has not received any SMS or emails yet.


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