SPPU Marksheet All Symbols* Explained, Credit System Information Here

Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) passes out many final-year students every year. When the final year students pass out, they are waiting for the Pune University mark sheet. You can check your result online from SPPU’s official website.

Today we are going to talk about the mark sheet given by the university. The meaning of SPPU Marksheet All Symbols appear on the mark sheet and provide information about the credit system.

10 Point Credit System

Marks ObtainedGrade Grade Points
80-100O: Outstanding10
70-79A+: Excellent9
60-69A: Very Excellent8
50-54B: Above Average 5
45-49C: Average4
40-44P: Pass0
0-39F: Fail0
Ab: Absent0
Ap: Pass Audit Course0
FX: Detained, Repeat & Course0
Ic- Incomplete- Absent Exam But Continue For Course
Pp- Passed (Only For Non-Credit Courses)
Np- Not Passed (Only For Non-Credit Courses)


SGPA -The performance of a student in a semester is indicated by a number called the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA). The SGPA is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all the courses, seminars, and projects registered by the student during the semester.

Pune University

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AA = AbsentOL = Online Exam# = Ordinance 4
Tot = Total Or = Oral& = Ordinance 163
C = Carried forward P = Pass$ = Ordinance 1
CRD = Credit PC = Performance Cancelled@ = Ordinance 1+163
EE = External PJ = Project* = Current appearance
EX = Exemption PP = Paper! = Noncredit course
F = Fail in Subject/Course PR = PracticalGP = Grade Point
SL = Sessional = Ordinance 2Min = Minimum Marks
GRD = Grade TEX = Term End^ = Under Class Improvement
TH = Theory Paper OBT = Obtained MarksINT = Internal Examination
VV = Viva MAX = Maximum MarksTW = Term Work

Frequently Asked Questions

What is * mean is SPPU Marksheet?

it means the candidate is failing in this given subject by some severely not more than 5 marks. in such cases, the university can give grace marks so students passed the particular subject.

What is the # meaning in SPPU Marksheet?

This is actually a grace mark provided to the students. If the student is failing because of some marks in a subject, if you are very close the passing. Ex. 0.1 $, 0.5 $

What does the symbol “~” mean?

Answer Coming Soon