SPPU: Most Students Prefer Online Exams, Survey Report


Pune, 9th November 2021: Vice president of Yuvak Kranti Dal (yukrand) Pune Kamlakar Shete & minister of higher education & technical department Uday Samant has made an appeal to all universities in Maharashtra to conduct semester exams both online & offline mode.

Minister Uday Samant recently announced that we are going to discuss it in a meeting on 15th December. In this meeting of SPPU, it will be decided that how exams will be successfully conducted from January in offline mode. This will be Sppu’s first offline exam since the covid pandemic started.

Most of the exams were being conducted online due to covid. Classes are about to start physically due to fewer Covid cases. Universities are also ready to conduct the exams in offline mode.

But there is a demand of the students that this time there should be online exams because the syllabus is also being conducted online.

On behalf of Yukrand, 11,000 students registered their votes in just ten hours. It says 93.04 percent of students should take the exam online.

considering this demand of students in Maharashtra Kamlakar Shete appeals to all universities in Maharashtra to conduct both online or offline exams in the upcoming semester.


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