SPPU: Online Exam Will Be Done With New Software, Here Is Details


Very important information is coming from SPPU. The software which was being used for the examination of students for online examination is now going to change.

WheeBox will no longer be used much for university examinations. An official news from SPPU is that WheeBox and other outside company’s software will no longer be used.

Will the exam software change?

Through the SPPU Education Foundation (SEF), there are reports that she will now use the software created by her foundation and it will have better features than before.

Although (SEF) had software of its own earlier, this software was not used due to overloading. The SPPU submitted this tender to WheeBox for online examination.

But now Savitribai will first conduct this examination by the Technology Department of Pune University itself. Earlier, this department had taken the examinations of select students. But now more students will be a part of this exam and more time is going to take the exam. So it will take some time.

If SPPU can conduct the examination, then there will be online exams by SPPU. If some technical problem comes, then the university can work with any other company as well.

Within a week we will know which software will be which. SPPU will also conduct mock tests and some preparations from the students. We will keep you informed about this through our blog.


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