SPPU: Offline Classes To Begin, Exams Online or Offline?


Pune 16 Nov 21: Diwali is over and Diwali holidays are also to an end. But even during this vacation, there was doubt in the minds of the students about whether how the SPPUconducts exams offline or online?

SPPU Offline Classes Begin

Most of the SPPU affiliated colleges have sent notices to the students that they have started taking the classes offline. Students who have completed both the vaccination requirements can attend the offline classes by showing their vaccination & undertaking certificates.

Exams Offline or Online?

Recently, Yukrand Pune did a survey in which more than 24,000 students have given their votes so far. The question of this survey is how colleges and universities exams should be taken?
majority 93.04 percent of the students said that the exams should be take online. which is fair enough.

Now in this, the students said that if the syllabus is being taught online, then the exams should also be conducted online.

But everyone knows that university &minister Uday Samant are in the mood to conduct exams offline. So all the students don’t be fooled until the end of this month some Genuine decisions did not come from the university. We have less time and more work.


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