SPPU Online Exam Review 2021, Clear All Doubts Here


SPPU (Savitribai Phule Pune University) SPPU Online Exam 2021 is scheduled to complete one week. So far, the issue of technical error is not coming from the university during the exams. This means that you are not going to have any tension in your exams.

We are going to give a review of the SPPU Online Exam 2021 examination and we are going to answer the most important and most asked question that voice recognition is happening here or not?

All the exams from Pune University are being done here on behalf of the SPPU Edutech Foundation. These exams have started on April 11, but most of the major courses are going to start on April 16.

Voice Recognition Happening Or Not?

The most asked question is whether voice recognition is being done during the exam or not? So we tell you that no permission was being asked for voice recognition during the demo exam. So it is obvious that voice recognition has not been spoken to you, so it will not happen.

Now the other thing here is that if you do any movement in front of the camera, then you will get a warning from the system. In the meantime, if someone comes in front of the camera or if your friends come in front of your camera, then you will get alertness in it.

Just keeping these two things in mind, you have to do the exam. The rest of the technical errors are not here.


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