The circular of Pune University, which we have been waiting for so eagerly, has recently been presented by the University. Now there are so many things about the circular that you will not understand. Here we will try to explain you in a straightforward manner.

In point 1, it has been directly told by the university that your exam will be online. This exam will be in MCQ format and from April 10 this exam will start. Now on March 25, a detail of this will be described as tentative.

Now with this, 1 hour will be given for the exam. 60 questions will be asked to you and 50 of these will be captured correctly.

Now there are many such streams of first year, whose exam will be at the college level. The university has also told about this.

After this, the most important points are about our Practices. After the April 10 regular semester exam, the students will go to the students immediately after offline or online. Your mini project and seminar are going to be done for this, it will not be taken now. Marks will be given for this at the college level itself.

Now when your exam will come and when you have to give it online, you will be informed by SMS from March 25 onwards. The mock test will be taken from 7 April.

Due to technical mistakes, if you are having difficulty in giving the exam or you are facing any other problem, then you will get 10 minutes more time.

Your college will give you the time table for practical exam. No action will be taken on behalf of the university.


1. Will the entire syllabus be taken?
Answer: For the regular semester students, complete syllabus will be taken but for the recent admission, 70% syllabus will be taken for them.
2. How to know the marks of exam?
Answer: Through the Student Profile System (SPS), you will get to know the marks of your regular semester and together with the two semesters, you will get your marksheet.
3. When will there be mock tests?
Answer: Mock tests will be taken from 7th date. For this you will be notified by SMS and Email.

If you are still any doubts then this website will help students to get question and answer.