SPPU Releases New Circular Regarding July, August Exam 2021, Click For Details


Pune 17 June 2021: The latest circular of Pune University has been published by yesterday. Now when you read this circular carefully, you will not find anything new in it. Now there are 2-3 such points of this circular which we want to tell you.

Now those students who have given the odd semester exams know the all procedure. We have to follow the same procedure for even semester exams. The exam will be done with 1 hour. You will be asked 60 questions for 50 marks and this exam will be online only. These are the basic ideas that you already know.

SPPU exam 2021

Your semester’s viva and in-sem exam mark your respective college will hand over to the university at the end of June.

In this no deduction has been made in your syllabus, just up to 70% syllabus has been kept for TYBSC.

You will be asked 30 questions for 25 marks in the syllabus of Science, Engineering, MCA & BCA for the mathematical subjects. According to this, if we answered 25 questions correctly in 1 hour, then we will be given 50 marks.

Along with this, there are courses for many faculties, their exams will be held at the college ​​level. We have given its list below. Engineering is not written in it. So you have to see this list once carefully.

Now it is true that exams are going to be held in July and August. But step by step its scheduled display will start. You must know that the timetable will be realease on the website of the university.

Check The Official Circular Of SPPU In The Planning Of July & August Exam –



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