SPPU: Pune University Take Action Against 11 Students, Who Was Copying During Online Exam


Action has been taken by the Pune University against the students who are being cheated during the online examination. SPPU has taken this action using the proactive method.

You know that due to coronavirus, online examinations were taken by all the universities recently. In this, the university had provided a multiple choice-based online examination facility. While taking the exams, the students were seen copying from other educational websites by the authorities. While taking the exam, students were also seen having group discussions.

Therefore, the university decided to take action against the students who used the wrong methods during the backlog examination to deal with such an issue.

During this examination, it was seen that students are resorting to other websites. In view of this and after recognizing the fraudulent activities of violating the guidelines, the technical department closed the examination venue.

Total 11 students have faced action.

SPPU has now warned the students for the regular semester exam to be taken in March and said that it will take serious action against the culprits. It will be necessary to be active on the front camera for the online examination. If students follow the wrong methods then they will be warned 12 times. After that, the site will be shut down without telling them.


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