SPPU: Students Need to Avoid These Things in Second Term Exam


Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) is extending the exam form date and we all know the reason behind it. The SPPU is not inward the forms of the students on whose not paid the college fees.

Now, look at the second term exams which have been declared by Pune University for July and August, and till now the university has not released the schedule about it. But yes! Soon we will get to see an update about it from SPPU. As the timetable will come, you will have to pay attention to some things.

Avoid Technical Issues

The first thing is that you have to pay attention to the technical issues and avoid them. For example, give the final exam from the same device from which you are giving the mock test. If there is an issue with the internet then you should get change the operator. The third aspect is that you have to have a backup device ready as well.

We give exams, If we get fewer marks, then we go to give grievances. Unless and until if its problem comes from the university side then you can go for it. Otherwise, there is no point in going for grievances.

As you all know that the score of grievance in the first term online exam has not yet come from Pune University. It is better that you study a little extra. Be a little smart, then you do not have to face these all things.

Unfair Means

Those students who got the remark of “Unfair Means” during the first term examination, those students will have to explain the problem, sitting one on one in front of the community. Students are also unaware of all these questions. So for this, you will not do any such stupid thing to get the remark of Unfair Means.

Stay away from social media at the time of paper. Do not give exam sitting in group. In such a situation, you can stay away from the copy case.


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