Pune 2021: When Will Pune University Start The Colleges Offline?


When Will Pune University Start The Colleges Offline? As much as you are waiting for this question, SPPU is also waiting to take the college class & exam offline.

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Pune Colleges Ready to Open From 11th Oct, SPPU Circular to Open Colleges

You all know that due to Covid 19, Universities are being affected the most. Recently Pune University has also announced its second term exam. The exam will be scheduled for this in July and August.

Now in July and August, SPPU has decided to take the second-semester exams online. For this SPPU has also issued a detailed Scheduled. The results of this exam can be seen in September and October.

The academic year of the university ends after this exam. So when does college start? Most of the colleges become started in the month of August. This process was completed on till late December. Now the academic year of SPPU is also expected to go well from here. Because when will Covid 19 be least effective at this time. Because most of our population would have been vaccinated till now.

But until the final call comes from the government, Pune University cannot take action for reopening the colleges. For this, Pune University can also discuss it with the students. so they can make proper preparations for physical classes.



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